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Hi, I am Nida  

Currently Jr. Product Designer at TalkShopLive

Previously UX Designer at Openlane, UI/UX Design Intern at Nokia. Interaction Design Intern at Nationwide, UX Design Assistant at ASU EdPlus, UI/UX Designer at
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Home Improvement Project

Worked with cross-disciplinary teams on designing a tool called HomeHelp - which aims to help first-time home owners with their home improvement projects.

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Multilingual Module -

Designed interaction workflows for B2B Conversational AI Platform for content translations by overcoming limitations from Google Translate API.


Cards Against Humanity - Mobile App

Reimagined an app for the famous game Cards Against Humanity to make it easily accessible and intuitive.

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Livechat Dashboard -

Design a dashboard to optimize the live chat portal for the B2B product for businesses to take actionable insights to retain customers and improve query resolution time.


Voice-enabled Chatbot

Implement voice capabilities into the existing Jarvis chatbot to provide an additional channel for customer engagement and conversation with the chatbot.

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06 Landing Page

Designed the landing page for for a marketing campaign aimed to increase conversion rate

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