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Artboard – 1.png Landing Page

Engagely offers a platform for businesses to create their own chatbots, voice bots, and social media bots. The company was looking to expand its reach and increase its conversion rate by reaching potential businesses. 


My role

User Experience Design
Visual Design

Iconography and Graphic Design
Collaboration with SEO team

Tools & Technologies

Adobe XD


2 week

Problem Area

How can we identify the issues with Engagely's current landing pages and develop a new marketing campaign to optimize their landing pages to increase their conversion rate and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Working Backwords


Primary User: Business botmakers
Secondary User: Business endusers


  • Lack of trust witht he company

  • Lack of well- defined offerings


  • Customer testimonials

  • Social icons for trust

  • Well-defined offerings


Increase in conversion rate

Solution - Lofi

To improve the conversion rate for, I implemented a landing page that includes a clear call-to-action to contact our AI experts, as well as an image of the chatbot to enhance the value proposition. The landing page also features customer testimonials and trusted logos at the beginning to establish credibility. By crafting a cohesive narrative on the landing page, I aim to address the challenges faced by and increase the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.


Solution - Hi-Fi Prototype

Web 1366 – 7.png
Web 1366 – 12.png

Evidence of Accomplishment

With the new landing page design, I was able to increase the conversion rate by 34%. The solution also generated revenue as more and more businesses were inclined towards Engagely's distinguished features which were not present in the competitors product.

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