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Cards Against Humanity 

Cards against humanity is a multiplayer offline card game that can be played with friends. In this redesign, I tried to take the offline version and incorporate it into an easily accessible mobile app.


My role

User Experience Design
Visual Design

User Research

Tools & Technologies

Adobe XD


1 week

Problem Area

How might we create an easy-to-use app for an offline game while still covering all the possible paths keeping it simple, easy and fun to use.

Primary Research- Competitive Analysis and User Interviews

  • Researched the web version of the game and similar gaming apps to identify the key pain points of the game

  • Interviewed with people between the age group of 18-25 to understand their pain points with such apps and identified difficulties while using the website game.

Insights From Research

Lots of steps for the user

Starting the app to starting the game required an ample number of steps which led to the user being frustrated.

Lack of visual cues

  • Difficulty understanding how to select an answer card

  • No visual element to describe the judge for a particular round

  • No leaderboard

Frustration with game

  • Users did not understand how to join a game or create a game room easily.

  • Wait times for every game leave the player frustrated.

Solution - Sketching, a lot of it!!


Happy Path Journeys


Visual Design

Enter player name.png
Frame 1.png

Enter user name

First and foremost is a simple screen for users to be able to enter their name which can also be changed later

Create or join a game

Once the user has entered their name, they would be taken to the screen where they can join or create a game.

Frame 2.png
Frame 10.png

Create game room - Game details

Users will be then prompted to enter game details if they wish to create a game room and invite their friends

Join a game room

The user will be able to join a game by the help of the game code provided by the game room maker.

Frame 3.png

Game room initialization

Once users have join the game room they would be prompted to start a game only if the no.of players is greater than or equal to 5


Frame 4.png
Frame 5.png

Player game screen

Question with answers written in white cards are given to players to select from. A timer to reduce the wait time is given to all the players.


Leaderboard can be seen by dragging the bottom layer and the leaderboard can be seen easily with the person having the highest points at the top.

Frame 9.png
Frame 6.png

Judge's waiting screen

The judge is notified when they have been the judge and waiting for answers.

Judge's game screen

The judge is given a clear indication that they are the judge and they need to select a card within the allotted time or else a random card gets selected.

Frame 7.png

Winner board

The winning screen displays the name of the winner with the points they have won followed by other people's points in descending order.

Working Prototype

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